Lighting Trends of 2022

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2022 is well underway, and many homeowners are looking to brighten up their spaces and keep things fresh within their homes. The way we all use our homes has changed drastically over the past two years. Creating a comfortable space that reflects our personalities is more important than ever. The good news about the lighting trends of 2022 is that the ones we have chosen are predicted to continue in 2023. If you want to be ahead of the game, this is a perfect way to get your existing or new home in step with the current lighting trends and styles. 

Whether you’re simply setting up a few extra lamps to add ambience or updating lights as part of a full home renovation, changing up the lighting in your home can instantly transform the place.  Your home might have a modern feel or a classic one, but regardless of your style, the right trend will lead to a homey atmosphere.

Here are some of the top lighting trends of 2022 to keep in mind. Consider using some of these styles to give your interiors an instant lift and contemporary feel.  You don't have to be an interior designer to have a lovely home. The lighting trends for 2022 will freshen up your home, and help to make your space feel elegant and classic.





Bold Lighting Features


Bold design is a way to switch things up in your home. Chandeliers, sculptural pieces, oversized features, or mixed materials are some of the ideas in this category. A bold lighting fixture adds character, depth, and visual interest to a home. They convey individuality in a tasteful manner, and they can be a form of art. If your space needs a lift, these ideas and lighting trends could be a way to achieve this. Bold lighting choices could be the tipping point from dull to lively.  

Great lighting is both functional and appealing. You want to create a cosy feeling for your home while making it liveable. And let’s be honest, who would not want their home to look like a set-up from a design magazine? The good news is that this is possible with statement lighting features. Chandeliers, for example, are architectural pieces that act as the centrepiece of a room. If you add a chandelier to the space, you can add an immediate sense of elegance.  

Another way to achieve a bold look is to use lighting to complement your hero piece. The hero piece is the focal point of the room. It might be a table, a painting, a fireplace, or it could even simply be a light fixture. Whatever it is, you can design the lighting in the room to complement that hero piece. 

Among the list of lighting trends, bold design is one that offers a variety of options to suit your preferences and needs. The Amber Electrical team has worked with hundreds of clients to review their options and select the best choice. Creating a haven within your home has never been easier.

 Bold lighting trends 2021


Lighting as art 


Lighting design has come a long way over the years. No longer are lights simply boring, practical items to be stuck to the ceiling for purely functional benefit. Today, lighting fixtures come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit any interior design style. Whether you’re after something minimal or you love all things vibrant, there is a style of fixture out there for you.  

For avid artists or designers, lighting can even be considered an art piece on its own. From decorative lampshades to delicate pendant lights to sculptured lights, there are many choices on the market if you want to use lighting fixtures to brighten up the design of your home. Light fixtures with metallic finishes, natural materials, and geometric shapes create a sense of contemporary glamour in your home. Lighting trends are a fun opportunity to try out some new design elements. It's just a matter of seeing what would work best with your space. 

Some artistic lighting trends in 2022 include: 

  • Using hanging lights as a design focal point 
  • Sculptural lamps  

  • Floor lamps for a classic look

  • Lights with metallic details

  • Statement-making chandeliers

  • Playing with colour and pattern  

  • Playing with contrast

 Artistic lighting trends 2022


Natural lighting trends 2022

Complimenting Natural Lighting 


Natural light is part of nature’s blessing. Making use of natural light is not an old idea, but it is one that provides benefits without much cost. If your home is in a position to receive plenty of natural light, enjoy some of nature's benefits. If you don’t receive as much natural light, we have some tips to help you work with the space for better natural light. Natural light brightens the space and saves energy. You don’t need too many additional layers of light when it’s present.  

Out of all the 2022 lighting trends, this one might seem like it only favours a few. But we would disagree. There are some elements you can use to accentuate natural light. Whether the interior of your house gets a lot or very little natural light, there are things you can do within the space to maximise the volume of light you receive. For example, table lamps and pendant lights add a design element that complements the burst of natural light. Using neutral tones also enhances the presence of natural light. The last tip is how you position your furniture. Make sure your furniture has an open position toward the light. If it’s blocking the light, it might a good idea to move it. 


Eco-Friendly Lighting 


Sustainable and environmentally friendly options are an increasing consideration for homeowners. And you would be right to consider this. Eco-friendly options save the planet and your back pocket. If you are in the process of renovating your home, this is the best opportunity to make sustainable changes. Lighting is one of those elements that have a variety of eco-friendly options. 

There are plenty of ways to implement eco-friendly lighting choices. Replace your old globes with LED lighting to save energy. Choose light fixtures made of sustainable materials. The right design choices will save you money in the long term, so consider your budget but be assured the initial investment will be worth it. If your existing features are in good condition, reuse them. But if you really want to upgrade, you could shop for second-hand options that you can pair with energy-saving lightbulbs. 

Lighting trends couldn’t do without a conscious option. This trend is set to continue into next year with the use of raw materials for lighting fixtures. Materials such as bamboo, timber and natural fabrics are great choices for a more sustainable home. Mixing and matching different textures, when done right, will enhance the aesthetic of your space, which brings us to our next point. 

 Sustainable lighting trends 2022


Layered Lighting Accents 


Have you considered the use of layers? The lighting trends list wouldn't be complete without an option that allows you to combine various elements. There is a resurgence of designing with multiple fixtures in a room. Depending on the layout, the use of smaller fixtures along with larger ones, different textures and materials as well as tonalities will create a cohesive space. It’s all about making intentional choices for your space. For instance, overhead lights and accent lamps play a key role in the aesthetics of a room. The beauty of this trend is that you get to choose which elements you want to fit into your space. 

Ambient lighting is part of layering accents in a room. Having a few wall lights or sconces in the right places will brighten the room without clashing with other pieces. Wall lights also create a sense of overall cosiness that gives your home a warmer feel. Another fun element within this trend is brass lighting fixtures. They blend easily with many colour palettes. Brass has a warming effect due to its softness. Depending on your preferences and current features, a few layering elements could add a pop of freshness to your home. 

lighting trends 2022


Customisable Lighting 


Do you have specific lighting ideas or requests? This is one of the lighting trends that might scare some people but have no fear. Customisable lighting is a dream for homeowners. If you’ve always wanted your lighting setup to be tailored to your interior, now is the time to take action. Create the feel and look that best suits your space and needs.  

Customisable lighting is great to get the creative juices flowing. If you feel like you don’t have any ideas, get some inspiration. Take notice of how you feel around different lighting setups. Everywhere you go, you will find lighting options. Notice which ones you prefer the most. Which ones make you feel warm and at home? Which ones awake the inner interior designer in you? You can also chat with one of the experts from our team. We are qualified and can make your lighting dreams come true. 

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Light Fixtures

Choosing the Right Light Fixtures 


Lighting is important for a better experience at home. Post-pandemic, everyone is spending more time at home. Whether you have a home office or you simply want your home to look beautiful, implementing some of these lighting trends will enhance your home experience. Understand what sort of space you’re working in. You know your home best. The truth is that sitting in a dim room squinting your eyes won’t be good for your health or your productivity. Lighting is a wonderful investment. A few pieces could make your home feel like a whole new place. 

There is nothing better than an upgrade from fluorescent lights. Regardless of the lighting option you choose, you have the flexibility of making the space work for you. Lighting is essential for an ergonomic setup. If you spend a lot of time at home, then this benefit will outweigh any cost concerns you may have. Good lighting is part of creating a communal space that reflects you and your family well. 

At Amber Electrical, we’ve been helping our customers come up with the best lighting plans for their homes since 2001. We have extensive experience completing electrical work for renovations and new builds, helping clients achieve their ideal results with minimal disruption. Get in touch with our friendly team on 1800 888 171 to find out how we can help. 

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