How To Create An Energy Efficient Office

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We’re all learning more about how to take better care of our planet. One of the easiest ways we can begin to do that is to be more efficient with our energy use. Let’s be real, the use of electricity will never change. We won’t be choosing to go back to lower technology practices any time soon… although that could save us plenty! So, we need to do what we can to save energy and steward our planet’s resources. 


Here are 15 steps how. 


1. Create an energy-saving team


Set up a team of staffers who are interested in devising and helping implement energy saving ideas around the office. Let your staff know that you are serious about the process and empower the team to make changes.  


2. Do an energy audit

Learning how your office is using or over-using energy is a great way to learn how things could be shifted to save energy over time. This is also one way you can measure your efforts down the track. You can hire an energy audit company to do that for you or find an audit online and do it yourself.  


3. Eliminate energy leaks 


You should be able to find any energy leaks when you do the audit in Step 2. If you can find and eliminate those leaks you are well on your way to becoming more energy efficient!


4. Take advantage of natural light


Your office space may require the use of artificial light to create enough light for work. If you are one of the lucky ones and have a light-filled space to work in – why not consider only using artificial lighting for ambience or even not at all? Natural light is free after all. 


Modern office space being lit by natural lighting


5. Choose energy-efficient light bulbs


If you do need artificial light in your workspace, consider going LED. The bulbs last longer and use a lot less energy so you’ll be doing yourself two favours!


6. Go with laptops over desktops


Not only does this make your office more flexible in its space usage, but it also saves on energy costs. Laptops typically consume less energy than a desktop. Smaller monitors will also use less energy to operate so consider monitor size when making your purchases. Some of your employees require more monitor space to get their job done, but not everyone on your staff is a graphic designer! 


7. Upgrade any outdated equipment


This not only includes computers but also printers, microwaves, that old refrigerator you’ve got chugging away in a back room somewhere and aircon units! If you have old units, they just might be drawing an unnecessary amount of power and replacing them will save you in the long run! 


8. Enable any energy-saving features on all devices


Most modern devices have energy-saving features. Be sure your staff know about them and how to use them. If you’re replacing old units have them set up as soon as they are installed with these features. 


9. Switch off all equipment when not in use


Don’t forget the whole ‘standby’ system our devices live by. When you’re away on weekends or over the holidays your air conditioner, printer, copier, the fancy screens you’ve got in your foyer, and even the coffee and vending machines are all drawing power. In order to save energy, you need to switch them off and pull the plug! Perhaps working with your cleaning crew to facilitate these sorts of energy-saving ideas could be worthwhile. 


10. Install motion sensors  


Stairwells, bathrooms and kitchens don’t need to be lit all of the time. Installing motion sensors to switch the lights on in these areas means they won’t be drawing power whenever someone turns on the main light switch in the office.  


11. DON’T PRINT – unless you have to 


It saves paper AND saves energy! 


12. Control the temperature of the office


Now, we won’t get into the ins and outs of office complaints about the temperature of the air conditioning – we’ll be here all day. But if you make sure the temperature is at the optimum for everyone getting stuff done and you can keep it that way using a smart thermostat, you'll be well on your way to saving even more energy. 


13. Install solar panels 


If you can – why not? Once the system is installed, you’re creating your own FREE energy!


14. Promote sustainability in the office 


Whenever a process becomes a standard procedure in the office everyone will follow through with it. If your office becomes a place where everyone is playing their part to be more energy-efficient, you’re more likely to see those changes hitting your pocketbook and saving the environment.  


15. Have a lights-off policy 


Make sure everyone in your office knows… Last one out turns off the lights.  


At Amber Electrical Services, we can help you to become more energy efficient in your office. Simply give us a call to find out how.