When To Call An Emergency Electrician

Posted By Amber Electrical  

An electrical emergency is an event you want to avoid as much as is possible. Electricity is a powerful tool at our very fingertips but when neglected can prove dangerous and deadly. Making sure that your home and business premises are well maintained and inspected regularly by a licensed electrician is the best way to avoid such an event.  


However, life is life and things happen. When they do, you will want to have the knowledge of what might be happening and whether you need an electrician fast. We’re here to help you know more.  

Here are several problems that might arise that require an electrician immediately. Don’t wait for the next business day, call right away.  




Burnt out Devices

Black, melted or discoloured power points or devices are really not a good sign. It could mean a severe electrical issue. Before you do anything else, turn off the power at the box and call an electrician immediately.  



If you see smoke or smell burning from a lighting fixture this is generally a sign of a problem with the wiring. Either of these signs could point to significant damage to your electrical system and even cause a fire. Get an electrician out as soon as possible. 

 Exposed wiring

Overloaded Circuits

We all know that a circuit breaker is part of a good electrical system. If a particular circuit becomes overloaded with too much energy required from one outlet, the breaker will trip the circuit and shut off the power. Where this becomes a problem is in older buildings. Old circuitry, wiring and even switchboards being overloaded can lead to damage to the circuit and even fire in extreme cases. Be careful not to overload any one circuit, and if you notice there seems to be a problem running devices off that circuit talk to your regular electrician before it becomes a problem.  


Exposed Wiring

Damaged or exposed wires can lead to severe injury, create a spark or even end with fire. These are very dangerous and should be ONLY dealt with by a licensed electrician. DO NOT TOUCH.  


      Repairing power lines

      Loss of Power

      First, check the neighbours. If it appears they have also lost power the problem is most likely not isolated to your property. If it looks like you’re the only one, then there is something you can do. Go around and unplug all appliances from the wall. Then try turning on the circuit. If this doesn’t work and the power keeps tripping, most likely you have a bigger problem and you should call an electrician. 



      Weather systems in Australia are changing all the time and the incidences of lightning are not predictable. In such a storm your home or business could be hit by lightning. This will always be a major cause for concern. Your property will need to be checked for fire hazards and electrical faults in order for you to safely resume normal patterns. Call an emergency electrician right away. 

        Fallen Power Lines

          The amount of power these lines carry is huge and extremely dangerous when they come in contact with the ground. If you are ever to see fallen power lines stay clear and call emergency services immediately.  


          At Amber Electrical we are here for any electrical needs you may have. Give us a call to find out how we can help you.